Sunday, 11 April 2010

The warden's away, birders make hay!

Yes, it's happened again. I'm visiting family in Edinburgh for the weekend, and a great bird makes its debut appearance at the farm. For nine years I have dreamt of adding this species to the list. I've seen them at Hayle Kimbro, just a few hundred yards up the road, but if one has ever decided to make the short trip south, it's made sure to do it when there's no-one around. This is an annoying trait which was also recently exhibited by the drake Greater and Lesser Scaups which were on Kimbro for nearly two weeks. I'm talking of course about the reserve's first ever Coot, seen today.

Oh I nearly forgot, our first Woodchat Shrike (of the Balearic race) also turned up this weekend.

I'll be away again for a couple of weeks from May 6th, so there are sure to be some more rarities around. Don't you dare see a Coot at the farm though - that would be too much to bear.

1 comment:

  1. The Coot was ace - great to get a new bird on the reserve. Suggest a field meeting on the 7th? (i am away that day too!). Called sod's law I reckon. The farm is looking good. :)