Saturday, 27 March 2010

Ranunculus tripartitus and Upupa epops

We had a walk around the farm this afternoon in the hope of seeing an Alpine Swift and finding the Hoopoe that was reported yesterday. On the way over to Ruan Pool we stopped to peer at a single specimen of Three-lobed Water-crowfoot (one of our specialities) growing in a muddy gateway, found nothing of note on the pool, then on the way back, up it went - a flappy, floppy pink, black and white Hoopoe! As usual it was pretty unapproachable, but we saw it several times over the next hour or so. It would disappear off over the hedgerows, then a few minutes later, come flying back again. This was the third I've seen here in the last three years. We didn't see an Alpine Swift of course but we left happy.


  1. I assume that if the puddle dries out the water crowfoot croaks it?
    Nice floppy thing:)

  2. I think this plant flowers, and thus sets seed, on and off for much of the year, so when it dries out and croaks, more will appear when conditions are favourable again.