Sunday 15 May 2011

A great Spring for Odonata

Despite the cool north-westerly breeze, many dragonflies and damselflies were on the wing today, but you had to look along sheltered hedgerows and glades rather than out over the pools. We've already seen 12 species this year! These are Dougy's photos (thanks Dougy):

This Four-spotted Chaser has an under-developed or damaged right forewing. It seemed to be able to fly ok.

Black-tailed Skimmer

Azure Damselfly

This female Linnet sat very tight as we approached along the path (NB: this is a bird)


  1. Good day - the farm is looking great.

  2. Lovely sharp images of the dragonflies, macro is something I am wrestling with. I will have to take a trip down to windmill again,. the last time I was there you had three Black Winged Stilts
    on one of the ponds.

  3. Sam,

    These shots were taken with a Nikon P100 - a very versatile camera (bridge camera) and produces great images considering the price!