Tuesday 10 August 2010

Feeding-time for the beast

I renewed my acquaintance with the Wasp Spider today. The hayfield will be mown soon so I cordoned off the area where it lives. As I approached it I disturbed a grasshopper which jumped straight into its web. Now that's unlucky. It was immediately set upon. They quickly immobilise their prey by wrapping it in silk. It is then bitten and injected with venom and a protein dissolving enzyme. Nice.

This spider is listed in the Cornwall Red Data Book. Rosemary Parslow tells me that they found two in a field on Scilly three years ago. It's amazing how they spread.


  1. I like the new header photo Andy. Where was it taken?

    Couldnt have been the farm - Every time i go it rains!!! :-)

  2. Well can you come and stay for a week Simon? We need water in the ponds.

  3. Ummm. Those legs look awfully familiar....