Friday 16 July 2010


I've noticed that several of my fellow bloggers have been publishing photos of invertebrates recently, so not to be out out-done, here are a few hoverflies from the farm.

Clockwise from top left:

Helophilus trivittatus

Helophilus trivittatus

Helophilus pendulus

Syrphus ribesii

Scaeva pyrastri

Leucozona glaucia

"British Hoverflies" by Stubbs and Falk is one of my favourite natural history books. All of these shots were taken with my dawn-of-the-digital-age Nikon Coolpix 4500, which I originally bought for digi-scoping, a really exasperating activity which I wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy.


  1. They are amazing!!! Great stuff

  2. Lovely hoverflies mate. I'm going to have to take more notice I think.

  3. Love all these images,fine sellection of Hoverfly.
    Your Macro looks superb,love the colours yellow works well.
    PS,sorry i almost missed this post.