Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Well the weekend's BioBlitz was a great success, with twenty or so attendees (some of whom stayed all night, studying moths etc in between short bouts of sleep), plenty of sunshine and only a little rain.  The final species count is yet to be tallied as there are some that remain to be identified from photographs or descriptions, but there's no doubt that a number of new species have been added to the reserve list.

I want to thank everyone who came along, and in particular Sally Luker for helping to get it organised (and baking cakes) and Sue Scott, who brought along masses of equipment (including the mobile tea-shop) and lots of identification guides and took on the recording.  Special thanks too to the group who came all the way from Reading.  One of those intrepid travellers, Christopher Foster, has written his own take on the weekend here.

Here are some photos from the event (thanks to all concerned for permission to use them):

Meadow Grasshopper (Sally Luker http://thenarcolpeticnaturalist.blogspot.co.uk/)

Minor Shoulder-knot (David Fenwick)

Campion moth (David Fenwick)

Eristalis hortocola (Christopher Foster http://consideringbirds.wordpress.com/

 Ichneumoid fly (Christopher Foster http://consideringbirds.wordpress.com/)

Wood Sandpiper (Christopher Foster http://consideringbirds.wordpress.com/)

Scaeva pyrastri (Andy Pay http://consideringbirds.wordpress.com/)

BioBlitzers (Christopher Foster)

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